Byronmania E-Journal

Publishing the Byronmania E-Journal
was a diversion I enjoyed
but which took up more of my time
than I can now aford to spare.

Maybe, someday, it will be published again.

Until then, please enjoy the existing issues.


Anne Ridsdale Mott, B Ed., M Ed.
Douglas College, New Westminster, B.C. Canada
byronmania [at] shaw [dot] ca

Issues Available Online:

April 19, 1998 -- Volume 1, Number 2

December 10, 1998 -- Volume 1, Number 3

January 22, 1999 -- Volume 2, Number 1

January 22, 2000 -- Volume 3, Number 1

This electronic journal was created as an environment in which
could publish their thoughts.

It was a place for more extended writing
than a chat group could accomodate.

A place for speculation
adoration .

You didn't have to be famous, respected, academic,
or even old.
You just had to have something to say
and be able to say it.


That is, anything about
the people, places, politics, religions,
scrapes, japes and poesies
associated with

The Right Honourable
George Gordon Lord Byron,
6th Baron Byron;

Byron in Travel Clothes

the real, original, Regency Romantic hero,
in boots, tight pants and many caped coat,
bi-sexual athlete,
poet .

Born deformed,
victim of child abuse,
hounded by the press
because of rumours of
sexual deviations and irreligion,
abandoned by his wife,
advocate of paederasty,
source of the Vampyre.

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