On Violence

Byron In Military Uniform

… my earliest dreams
(as most boys’ dreams are)
were martial
— but a little later
they were all for

I have been called in
as Mediator or Second
at least twenty times in violent quarrels
… having to deal with very hot and haughty Spirits
— Irishmen — Gamesters — Guardsmen — Captains of horse
and the like

— This was, of course, in my youth
— when I lived in hot-headed company

… once between a Clergyman
and an officer
in the Lifeguards

— The business being about a woman

— I must add
that I never saw
a woman
behave so ill

— like a cold blooded heartless whore

as she was

— but very handsome for all that

— I never saw her but once
— and that was to induce her but to say
two words

… which would have had the effect
of saving
a priest
or a Lieutenant of Cavalry

— she would not say them

… — She was the damndest bitch
that I ever saw

— & I have seen a great many

— — Though my Clergyman
was sure to lose
either his life or his living
… he would hardly be pacified

— but then he was in love
and that is a martial passion


Byron in
Military Uniform


Newstead Abbey


The Tempest
by Giorgione